All My Relations

by Anchor Hill

Tomoe Koru 05:06
Hibernaculum 04:39
Hear With Me 05:46
"I want you here with me"
Vasana 05:04
Organic 03:28
"I know it can be hard sometimes, and it might seem as if everything is falling through your fingers. But you must remember that this isn't the first time it's happened but when there's nothing left, look to the future"
Peace Pipe 03:33
Orientation 03:53
Bom Shiva 05:14
Flora Fauna 05:34
Giridhar 03:49


A sage serpent sweeps a steady winding journey from the edge of the sea though the depths of jungle, through thick tangles, over deeply anchored roots, up vines hung like rigging and into the canopy above... Transforming into a great crested serpent eagle, clearing the heights of the ancient grove; with powerful new eyes, he gazes towards new technology on the horizon; the humans of this world who have remembered the interconnectedness of nature and life, now integrating intelligent designs, building efficient and responsible habitations, planting powerfully productive food forests, and securing ecological diversity for eons.

As a human that has lived almost his entire life on one piece of land, I know and practice the true meaning of indigenous; though my ancestors came from other places, I was born here; I grew up knowing nature and the forest, I respect and take care of this place we call home. I hold ceremony with my tribe in various forms, celebrate the seasons, pray for rain when the land is parched. I do my best to live in harmony with the ways of nature, and choose to nourish myself from an abundance of sources in a sustainable fashion. Living in the forest, I am a strong advocate for the importance of the trees and rivers, all the plants and animals. This is a call to return to our tribal communal roots; with these intentions I pass you this peace pipe offering; know that it is for our ancestors, and our future generations; know that our deep healing powerfully releases us from old ways of being, and brings forth new and healthy relations. Trust that the world will follow by example when we show up whole and complete and full of ingenious solutions.

~Mitakuye Oyasin, All My Relations, Namaste~


released August 10, 2015

Music Arrangement, Flute, Harmonica, Kalimba, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, and Album Art by Rich Heart

Strings on Nara Loka sampled from Gypsy Splash by Subaqueous

Paradigm Theorem - Look to the Future (Original Mix)
Mastering also by Scott Mills / Paradigm Theorem

Serve First / Vitamin Angels




Anchor Hill Victoria, British Columbia

Composer/ Producer/ DJ and all around Sonic Alchemist

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